Synology Notifications using Pushover

Big thanks to this Reddit post for helping me get Synology notifications working easily through Pushover. I wanted to share their post and preserve it here for future reference.

In DSM 7 we can set up a custom webhook to trigger pushover. Once you have a Pushover account and have created a new app, navigate to DSM and follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the Control Panel and then click Notification.
  2. Select the Push Service tab, at the very bottom (you may need to scroll down) click Manage Webhooks.
  3. Click Add, then choose Custom.
  4. Type “Pushover” as the provider name, tweak the subject if you’d like, and then copy and paste as the webhook URL. Be sure to select POST, then click Next.
  5. For our HTTP request header, leave Content-Type as application/json (or add it if not included by default) then click Next.
  6. For our HTTP request body, add these three fields:
    • token - set this to the Pushover application token you created earlier
    • user - set this to your Pushover user key
    • message - On the next page we will select a value to apply to this field dynamically, so anything like “Hello World” will work for now.
  7. Continue to the next page. Make sure the Content-Type, token, and user parameters have “Other” selected for the category. For the message parameter, change the category to “Message Content”.
  8. Click Apply to finish creating the webhook. Now you should be able to select the Pushover webhook and click Send Test Message to make sure everything is working.